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Defective Drugs and Medical Devices

NGK Law holds manufacturers of dangerous drugs and medical devices accountable.

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Personal Injury

NGK Law protects the rights
of those injured by negligent
medical professionals.

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Auto & Truck

NGK Law gets those injured
by trucks and cars the compensation
they deserve.

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NGK Law gets injured workers their rightful

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Workers’ Compensation

Many people put their bodies on the line every day to put food on the table for their families.  Sometimes, these individuals suffer serious injuries through the fault of no one else.  The injury just occurred as a result of the nature of the job.

Our workers’ compensation laws are designed so that your employer has to help bear the burden of these “no-fault” injuries.  Employers must provide their injured employees with medical care, monetary compensation while they are off work recovering from their injuries, and additional monetary compensation for any permanent disabilities.

However, our workers’ compensation system does not always work as designed.  Employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies may refuse to provide you medical treatment, refuse to pay you for your time off work, downplay the seriousness of your injuries, allege your injuries occurred somewhere other than work, and generally try to scare you out of making a workers’ compensation claim.  Your employer will have a lawyer working on its side, and an attorney on your side can help make sure the system works as it should.

The attorneys at NGK Law can guide you from start to finish through the workers’ compensation process.  We know what needs to be done to ensure you receive what you are entitled to under the law.