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Premises Liability

When someone is the owner of a property, there is a responsibility on that individual to make sure that the property is in decent repair, to where there are no dangerous conditions on the property that could cause injury to people.

Unfortunately, some property owners either know about dangerous conditions on their property that they choose to ignore, or they do not put forth the amount of investigation needed to discover potentially dangerous conditions on their property. When that happens, members of the public are unnecessarily exposed to the risk of injury.

Dangerous conditions on property can include ice that has accumulated as a result of poor drainage, holes in parking lots, defective railings, as well as a multitude of other potentially dangerous conditions that could cause injuries.

The attorneys at NGK Law have years of experience in handling lawsuits against the owners of property that that have injured NGK Law’s clients. We have had many successful results in obtaining fair compensation for our clients injured as a result of dangerous premises.

For instance, NGK Law was successful in obtaining $200,000.00 for a client that suffered injuries when she fell down a flight of stairs when a defective railing broke. Our client sustained injuries to her head and hand, which required hospitalization. During our investigation, NGK Law determined that the hand rail was in violation of the local building code, and we were able to obtain the full amount of insurance coverage for our client’s injuries.

Should you or a loved one need assistance after sustaining an injury as a result of a dangerous condition on property, contact the attorneys at NGK Law at (314) 241-1919 today.