As many people may have seen recently, there has been increased concern over the anticoagulant drug Xarelto.  Xarelto is a blood thinner that was initially approved by the FDA in July 2011.  The purpose of Xarelto is to decrease the risk of someone suffering a clotting event that could lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Unfortunately, there has been a substantial increase in FDA adverse events regarding dangerous, and potentially life threatening Xarelto side effects.  These Xarelto side effects and adverse events have included brain hemorrhages, internal bleeding, and death from the use of Xarelto.  Xarelto is similar to another anticoagulant drug, Pradaxa.  Pradaxa lawsuits were recently resolved on a global basis for $650,000,000.00.  NGK Law was directly involved in the resolution of Pradaxa lawsuits through Mark Niemeyer, who was appointed as the liaison counsel for the Pradaxa lawsuit MDL.  In this role, NGK Law learned the intricacies of handling Pradaxa lawsuits and, therefore Xarelto lawsuits.

As St. Louis Xarelto lawsuit attorneys, the attorneys at NGK Law have the experience to evaluate your Xarelto injuries and see if they give rise to a Xarelto lawsuit.  The attorneys at NGK Law has been at the forefront of mass tort litigation for numerous years, and is now fully committed to pursuing justice for those individuals that have suffered from Xarelto bleeding events, such as Xarelto strokes and Xarelto brain bleeds.  NGK Law looks forward to discussing your Xarelto injury situation with you, and helping you through the Xarelto lawsuit.  It is always a tragic event when someone dies as a result of a dangerous drug, such as Xarelto.  Xarelto wrongful death lawsuits are especially bad, as the individuals can die from things as terrible as internal bleeding and brain bleeds.  At NGK Law, we believe no one should die as a result of a dangerous drug such as Xarelto.

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