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Mini Blind Dangers

The origin of St. Louis Mini Blind lawsuits comes from the need to address a serious danger that confronts many young children a year. The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) lists Mini Blind cords as one of the top five “hidden hazards” in the home, and estimates that between 1996 and 2012, 1,590 children were treated for injuries, including brain damage, caused when they became entangled in the Mini Blind cords. During this same time period, the Parents for Window Blind Safety show there were 285 deaths and serious injuries, resulting in long-term hospitalization. On average, one child a month dies from the cords on window treatments, explaining the 140 deaths between 1999 and 2011 due to strangulation.  Due to this danger, NGK Law has taken up the cause of Mini blind lawsuits for parents of children injured by dangerous Mini Blinds.

Mini Blinds are a type of horizontal window blinds made of long, narrow slats held together by string. The slats are opened and closed by pulling a string, and then are raised and lowered by pulling different strings connected to the blinds. These strings found on all types of Mini Blinds are causing the incidents where children have been strangled or nearly-strangled. The most common ways of entanglement and hazardous situations include: loops created by knots in the cord, one or more long cords in which the child wraps it around their neck, a loop above a single tassel of the cord, a loop above the stop ball of the cord, a loop created when pull-cords are tied to another object, and other unknown manners.

In the past few years the Window Covering Safety Council has redesigned products and developed standards to fix many problems in regards to the Mini Blinds due to numerous deaths and injuries from Mini Blind dangers. There are now newer products on the market designed not to have any loops where a child could get caught, and Mini Blinds that have shorter strings. However, many homes are still equipped with the old, extremely dangerous Mini Blinds that have left so many children in peril, making the dangers of St. Louis Mini Blinds extremely prevalent today.  These homes unfortunately have the Mini Blind dangers that could lead to a Mini Blind death and Mini Blind lawsuit.

The Mini Blind attorneys at NGK Law are actively investigating and handling Mini Blind lawsuits on a nationwide basis. NGK Law Mini Blind attorneys are particularly interested in individuals that have been injured by the horizontal window blind with attached cords that can be pulled to operate the Mini Blind. However, NGK Law Mini Blind attorneys are investigating Mini Blind lawsuits involving vertical blinds, drapery, Roman shades, roll up shades, and cellular shades as they are all products involved in strangulation accidents, thus determining if there are sufficient grounds for Mini Blind lawsuits. NGK Law Mini Blind attorneys are committed to helping individuals that have suffered from Mini Blind injuries by investigating and handling Mini Blind lawsuits.

If your child has been injured by a Mini Blind, contact the St. Louis Mini Blind lawsuit attorneys at NGK Law immediately at 1-844-564-5529, or fill out our online form to speak with one of the Mini Blind lawsuit attorneys immediately.