As Memorial Day has come and passed, the expected spike in teen driving accidents during the summer or the “100 Deadliest Days” as named by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, has begun. These 100 days refer to the time between Memorial and Labor Day where teens have increased access to the road, as the school has been let out for the summer. In these 100 days, AAA reports an average of 10 fatalities per day- a 14% increase when compared to the rest of the year. It is vital to stress the importance of preparing and educating inexperienced teen drivers, especially during the most dangerous part of the year.

In preparation for the dangerous summer driving summer period, it is important for parents to stress early and often the dangers of risky driving, including both speeding as well as nighttime driving. With 36% of all motor vehicle fatalities involving a teen driver and 29% of all motor vehicle deaths involving a teen driver being speed-related, it is evident that changes must be made in teen-driving habits. Not only are risks, such as speeding, particularly dangerous for teen drivers, nearly every state has enacted a law restricting how late teens may lawfully be out on the road. This is a reminder for parents to be actively involved in the learning-to-drive process, and to open the conversation regarding understanding both the risks and responsibilities that come with a driver’s license.

While there is little one can do to prevent other drivers from behaving negligently, by opening a conversation about driving safely with teen drivers you can do your part in decreasing motor vehicle deaths during this year’s 100 deadliest days.


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