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Testosterone Lawsuits


Prescription testosterone has become of huge phenomenon in the medical world over the last ten years. Sales of prescription testosterone have risen from as little as $200 million ten years ago to a booming business with sales in excess of $4 billion in 2012. This number is only expected to rise as doctors continue to prescribe testosterone for men with a phenomenon dubbed as “low T.”

Drug companies have long looked to find ways to capitalize on aging men. Unlike women, with numerous drugs targeted to them, there have been few cosmetic drugs aimed at men throughout the years. As a result, drug companies started to look at prescription grade testosterone, which is sold in a testosterone gel or testosterone patch. These drug companies saw a huge opportunity in these testosterone gels. They saw that some doctors were looking for a way to prescribe drugs to their male patients with complaints of lethargy, a lack of energy, low sex drive, and lack of enthusiasm. However, these doctors did not have an actual condition to treat. So the drug companies stepped in and provided a name for the “condition”- Low T. Low T became all the rage and a huge buzz word in the medical industry. Drug companies that produced prescription testosterone such and Androgel®, Axiron®, or Testim®, told doctors that the cure-all for men as they aged was their testosterone products. Androgel®, Axiron®, or Testim® could solve this “Low T” problem once and for all. All they need was to take their products, which can cost as much as $500 a month.

For older men, prescription testosterone for their ‘Low T” seemed like the miracle cure. Just by rubbing a gel under their arms, they could feel 20 years younger. They would have more energy, could exercise longer, have increased sex drive, and overall become a new person. And the drug companies spent millions selling this idea on TV commercials, the internet, and through doctors themselves. And men started to buy in, completely unaware of the serious medical problems that could result which would ultimately lead to testosterone lawsuits handled by testosterone lawsuit attorneys such as the attorneys at Niemeyer, Grebel, & Kruse.

Unfortunately, the drug companies that made Androgel®, Axiron®, and Testim® failed to warn the men taking prescription testosterone that studies were showing that men that took these drugs had an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and blood clots. In fact, certain studies showed that men under 65 with previous heart problems had a 30% increased risk of a heart attack or stroke after just 90 days of taking a prescription testosterone such as Androgel®, Axiron®, or Testim®. There was also a significantly increased risk of heart attack or stroke in men over the age of 65 that had not had heart problems before. Sadly, the drug companies did not warn men in any way of the increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Instead, this information was swept under the rug, only to be brought out through testosterone lawsuits and testosterone attorneys such as David Grebel.

At Niemeyer, Grebel, & Kruse, we are committed to getting financial compensation through the use of testosterone lawsuits for men that have suffered heart attacks, strokes, or blood clots while taking prescription testosterone gels such as Androgel,® Axiron®, or Testim®. Testosterone attorney NGK Law has a team of testosterone attorneys and testosterone lawsuit lawyers ready to speak with you about your injuries while using prescription testosterone. You do not need to suffer in silence from the terrible effects of prescription testosterone. Instead, you need to contact the testosterone lawsuit attorneys at NGK Law at 314-241-1919 and discuss whether you can file a testosterone lawsuit. We are pursuing these cases across the country on behalf of any man that has been injured by prescription testosterone. We are committed to filing testosterone lawsuits for these men and getting justice through testosterone lawsuits for our clients. Contact NGK Law today to discuss your options.